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Cleantech Analytics serves the needs of leaders in the clean energy industry by supporting disruptive approaches to technology and project development. In the face of reduced power prices and diminishing outlook for subsidies, clean technology requires new approaches to driving value. Cleantech Analytics leverages a history of helping project leaders find new markets, commercialize new technology, and work with regulatory and other stakeholders to promote project acceptance. Cleantech Analytics provides independent analytical support through due diligence analysis, robust modeling capabilities, and public/private sector experience to provide transparency and support decision-making. 

Cleantech Analytics Client Achieves Significant Commercialization Milestone

(October 3, 2016)

French Development Enterprises Power division ("FDE Power") recently completed prototype fabrication and installation of the French Modular Impoundment (aka the "French Dam") at a special purpose test site in North Billerica, MA. The prototoype is designed to demonstrate basic functionality of the French Dam system, including assembly sequence and interlocking mechanisms, watertightness, and cost/schedule reduction. The modules were fully assembled in 3.5 hours on Saturday, October 1st, in a heavy downpour. Conventional cast-in-place construction methods would have experienced delays in these poor conditions, leading to expensive cost over-runs. 

FDE Power's technology applies precast concrete to conventional hydropower construction, reducing risk and time spent in the field. Civil costs represents the largest single portion of new hydropower construction, from 40% to 90% depending on the project. The French Dam was specifically targeted by the U.S. Department of Energy to receive funding to demonstrate how these costs can be reduced. Fabrication of modules is completed off-site in quality-controlled environment, and trucked to staging area to be assembled with conventional construction equipment. 

Cleantech Analytics has assisted FDE Power throughout the entire product development and commercialization process, and is now assisting FDE Power to bring this technology to market. 

For full pictures and videos of the FDE Power construction process please visit: http://www.fdepower.com/doe-grant-project.html