Our extensive experience in building, managing and monitoring research and development programs will help you successfully bring your technology from a concept to a commercial product. This includes defining the end-goal of a research program, identifying and securing funding, setting realistic milestones, communicating with funders and reporting progress, and achieving your results in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We specialize in Serial #1 projects, and would be happy to discuss our success stories and strategize on how to make your program a success as well. 

Technology Commercialization

Due Diligence

Design, FUND and implement effective r&d programs

Cleantech Analytics can assist investors and institutions in screening potential renewable energy investments, and assist third party institutions with assessing projects and technologies through the "triple bottom line" accounting framework - financial, ecological, and social impacts. This is accomplished through an industry-accepted set of criteria and final report answering all aspects of project development and operations, including sponsorship/management issues, legal and regulatory considerations, financial and sensitivity analysis, construction and construction finance costs, input agreements off-take agreements, O&M agreements, technology, environmental considerations, and political considerations. 

Cleantech Analytics brings extensive experience in designing and creating financial models to assess project viability. In addition, we utilize a variety of commercial off-the-shelf models when necessary to provide additional functionality or solve tougher problems. Existing financial models can be strengthened and assumptions verified, and project owners can source independent, third party analysis to support project objectives.

Cost and performance modeling

Cleantech Analytics brings bold, data-driven approaches to assist entrepreneuers bridge the "valley of death" and solve complex technological and financial issues to bring disruptive technologies to the clean energy and water marketplace. This includes leveraging resources at all levels - Cleantech will help early-stage companies secure financial assistance to advance R&D efforts, approach laboratory partners to develop pilot projects, apply actionable market research to address risk and find opportunities, and work diligently alongside technology developers to push towards first commercial projects. Cleantech Analytics assists developers find unique financing opportunities and develop robust financial plans and prospectus, understand and measure the market (including federal market) for their technologies, identify and develop risk mitigation strategies, and develop strategic partnerships to successfully commercialize.